All sites come with a
free podcast

You heard us right, free podcast.
300 minutes of audio per month.

Podcast Features

What does free get you these days? All the features you would expect and more!

  • Easy to use dashboard

    Our dashbaord allows you to streamline your podcast and your website. Adding new episodes is a breeze. Also, easily view and edit your entire history of episodes.

  • Audio optimization

    When you upload a new episode we automatically optimize it for all devices including your website. You don't have to worry about a thing!

  • Media player for your website

    All Orbital websites have a sleek media player which hooks up to any podcast you have and will automatically update when you publish a new episode.

  • Podcast migration tool

    In case you already have podcast, we have you covered. Just enter your podcast URL and hit go! Come back a little later and voilà, your podcast should be migrated.